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The #RedLighter Project Solo Exhibition

29 Mar 2021 / in Uncategorized

My 3d solo Exhibition is at Yebo Art Gallery in Eswatini

The term #Redlighter is a metaphor. 

Red –  stands for emotion , action  and  danger or warning
Lighter –  in this context means to burn or set on fire or figuratively  burn/blow it up ,as in to make it happen in a visual way.

Its an on going art project where I identify  certain issues then take action by creating awareness through art making and content creation.

A Covid World

This body of work was conceptualized through a series of notes I took throughout 2020.

I host a podcast where I talk to artists about their process , art , politics and how they have been adapting to the lockdown and the new reality or world we entering.
I curated my notes and looked at the major themes like the confusion, alcohol and tobacco prohibition , mental well being and fatigue , creative expression and understanding.

What I noticed was that most of us felt the same.
We internalised the stress , found a deeper sense of purpose and challenged that energy through art making.

I decided to use these points to illustrate how we here in South Africa adapted , reacted  and internalized the covid19 pandemic.

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